Sunninghill Place

A leading company located within Sunninghill place office park required wheelchair accessibility to there 1st floor that minimized the necessity to make changes to the existing building and would cause the least amount of disruption to there daily operations. A site survey was conducted and it was determined that the V65 wheelchair stairlift would be the most practical solution to solve the problem.

Our sales engineering team began the process by accurately measuring each step and landing of the existing staircase.  These measurements were then sent to the engineering team in Italy where detailed drawings of the staircase where produced showing how the V65 wheelchair stairlift would fit within the staircase. As a final check, the detailed drawings were verified by conducting a final site survey confirming that the measurements on the drawing coincided with the existing staircase dimensions.  This process is a critical when ordering a V65 wheelchair stairlift as the rail is custom made to suit the staircase using CNC machinery and has to be accurate to ensure that the wheelchair stairlift fits the staircase and operates reliably and safely.

Twelve weeks later the equipment arrived and was ready for installation. Our installation team took four days of night shift work to install the unit and have it ready for inspection by a independent lift inspector.  The inspection was completed and the unit handed over to the client for use.


Project Details

  • Project Name :
    Sunninghill Place
  • Developer :
    Broll Property Group
  • Main Contractor :
    Vision Elevators
  • Products Installed :
    1 x V65 wheelchair stairlift
  • Contract Value :
    R 380 000
  • Start Date :
    Dec 2014
  • End Date :
    Mar 2015