Capital Hill

The Capital Hill project was completed in 2 phases. Phase 1 included the installation of three high speed passenger elevators dedicated for office use and and 1 high speed firemans elevator, Phase 2 included the installation of an express observation elevator from ground level to the top floor. 

Phase 1 of the project had various challenges that needed to be overcome to ensure that the project ended up being a success. The toughest of these challenges was the machine room floor design. Due to constraints in the building design the original design of the machine room floor could not be implemented. We had to work closely with the structural engineers of the project to come up with an alternative that would work within the building design as well as satisfy the load requirements of the elevators. 

Phase 2 of the project was extremely complex. The requirement was to have an express elevator located on the side of the completed building that would service the top floor directly. As the building was now complete, the additional elevator needed to fit in seamlessly and look like it was apart of the original design. Our sales engineers worked closely with the professional team to overcome the various challenges that this project presented which included, accessible space under the elevator pit, structural and aesthetic requirements of the tower design, escape level doors as well as heat build up in the glass tower. All these challenges were detailed, planned and coordinated with the various professionals and ultimately allowed for the project to be a tremendous success.

Project Details

  • Project Name :
    Capital Hill
  • Developer :
    Uvongo Falls 26
  • Main Contractor :
  • Products Installed :
    4 x 2.5m/s Passenger Lifts, 1 x Observation Lift
  • Contract Value :
    R 5 611 118
  • Start Date :
    Oct 2014
  • End Date :
    Feb 2016