We make use of the world renowned Vimec range and the wide variety of products they offer. Vimec has manufactured and installed their products worldwide since 1982 and have installed more than 100 000 units. The products available in this range are listed below and brochures are available in our download section.


DolceThe Vimec Dolce Vita chairlift is designed to offer maximum comfort and function, without interfering with the aesthetics of the home environment. The unit can be installed both on the inside and outside of the staircase. The foot rest, arm rest and seat can fold away completely so as to minimize space constraints. The footrest is made of non-slip material and is fitted with safety edges that ensures the chairlift stops if there are obstacles in the way. The seat is available in artificial leather in 3 different colours and an outdoor version is available.




For mobility in the home, choose the comfort and quality of the Vimec Capri. With its unique technology and ability to turn corners, this unit is compact, elegant and sturdy. The Capri is designed and manufactured to work with your existing staircase thereby minimizing installation procedures and costs. The unit is easy to use with the joystick on the armrest making all operation automatic and convenient.





Thanks to its quality and superior technology, Elba can suit even the most complex staircases, including those with ramps. Elba can be installed on very long staircases and the double rail guarantees stability and movement comfort. The unit can be controlled with an attendant remote control that is supplied with each chairlift, to ensure safety. Soft start and a speed limiting devices near the bends are just two of the features to ensure user comfort.





Ischia is the stairlift most suitable for straight staircases. It is designed and constructed so as to fit perfectly to your staircase. Installation is a quick and simple process. The unit is available with a folding guide rail to aid with installation in confined spaces and it features the revolutionary sliding guide that provides motorized side travel on the staircase.


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