Passenger Elevators

Vision Elevators provides a range of elevators to suit your specific needs. Our products are manufactured according to stringent safety and quality standards ensuring that the requirements of the South African Bureau (SABS) are met.

Our elevators are available in a wide range of finishes to meet any type of design requirement and can be manufactured to your specific needs. Thanks to our technologically advanced control systems, we are able to provide passengers with a smooth, quiet and reliable ride.

Vision Elevators makes use of two distinct ranges of passenger elevators, namely:

MRL (Machine Room Less)

The MRL elevators have no machine room as the elevators motor is installed within the headroom of the shaft. This is the most popular configuration and can handle lifts with the capacity and speed range below.

Capacity  450 kg – 2500kg
Speed 0.5m/s – 2.5m/s


MRA (Machine Room Above)

The MRA elevators have a dedicated machine room above the headroom of the shaft. This machine room is necessary as the motor size of these elevators is
bigger. MRA elevators can handle higher speeds and capacities.

Capacity 450 kg – 5000kg
Speed 0.5m/s – 7m/s



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