Our New Training Programme

Kyle Kristal - Thursday, May 03, 2018

electrician-black-male-learnershipVision Elevators launched its Training Programme in 2018 at all three of its branches. Students requiring their P1 and P2 qualifications were invited to apply for the 12 month programme and we currently have 9 students as part of the Vision Elevators team.

Our experienced training manager, Nasir, has taken these youngsters under his wing and thanks to our in-depth and hands on training programme, we believe that we will deliver well rounded, well trained and skilled students at the end of the 12 month cycle.

The students are exposed to all elements of the industry during their time with us so as to have a full understanding of the world of mobility solutions. 

Permanent employment opportunities will be afforded to the top performing students, which serves as additional motivation and drive for them. This also provides Vision Elevators with the opportunity to ensure that its future technicians are properly trained from the get go and the end goal is a win-win for both student and company.