Service Providers for Existing Lifting Equipment

Vision - Friday, January 28, 2022

As a building owner or facilities manager responsible for the lifting equipment assets, are you looking for a service provider or looking to change service providers? 

There is a process that we have developed to assist you in the maintenance of your existing equipment. Since we value transparency in process and are proud of what we are able to offer, this article addresses what you can expect if you contact Vision Elevators to assist with the maintenance of an existing unit.

After initial contact, we will complete an initial assessment of the lift or escalator at no cost to the inquiring customer. There are various outcomes that may come from this initial assessment:

Firstly, we may advise that the resources and availability of parts for the unit are very scarce and therefore we cannot guarantee a satisfactory service of the product as it stands.  We may recommend the unit be replaced or undergo a major modernization to ensure that it can be effectively maintained.  This will be handled by the relevant Regional Sales Manager.

We may advise that the unit currently requires extensive repairs or is inoperable and that we would need to conduct a more detailed inspection with one of our field engineers. This more detailed assessment will attract a fee that will be quoted for accordingly. On completion of the inspection by our field engineer, we will provide a detailed repair quotation listing the work that is required to get the unit operational and in compliance with the OHS act.

Finally, we may confirm that we would be willing to take on the maintenance of the unit and provide a formal Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) detailing the different maintenance offerings.  There would be a need for you to first carry out a regulatory inspection and address any items noted within the inspection’s comprehensive report. This regulatory inspection is also referred to as an Annexure B/K and is conducted by an independent SANAS registered lift inspector. This inspection is required when changing a lift service provider based on regulation 6.1.d of the OHS act.

We often find that setting expectations at first contact is key in a streamlined and positive customer service experience.  Contracting a lift or escalator maintenance service provider need not be a challenge.  If you have been holding off on either getting a lift contractor on board or are interested in changing service providers, this is what you can expect from us at Vision Elevators. We hope to hear from you soon.