Are you aware of the change in the Driven Machinery Regulations?

Nicholas Wareing - Monday, February 05, 2018

Are you aware of the change in the Driven Machinery Regulations?

On the 24 June 2015, Goverment Gazette No. 38905 was published which contained the following important change: 

Repeal of regulations and transitional provisions

23.  (1) The Driven Machinery Regulations, 1988, and subsequent amendments are hereby repealed.

       (2) A user of a goods hoist as provided for in regulation 17 of the Regulations referred to in subregulation (1) above shall, within five                       years of the publication of these Driven Machinery Regulations, comply with the provisions of the Lift, Escalator and Passenger                       Conveyor
Regulations, 2010, in which “Access Goods only Lift” is defined.

Short title and commencement

24. These Regulations shall be called the Driven Machinery Regulations 2015 and shall come into effect on 30 September 2015

What does this mean for existing equipment owners?

Firstly, any goods hoists installed after 30 September 2015 must:

  • Comply to SANS 1545-5;
  • Be registered with DOL;
  • Be inspected and tested by an inspection service provider;
  • Be maintained by a service provider;

For goods hoists installed prior to 30 September 2015 owners must:

  • Ensure that they are inspected by a competent person;
  • Ensure they must comply with LEPC by 2020;
  • Meet the minimum requirements by 2020;
  • Registered with DOL by 2020;

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