Vision Elevators will only be able to assist you with repairing a unit if:

(1) There is no existing service provider contracted to the unit in question;

(2) The following documentation is available on each unit:

* Proof of registration with the Department of Labour for the unit (known as the “Annexure 1” document);

* The “Annexure A” inspection document signed off by a registered lift inspector (this inspection would have taken place at final commissioning and prior to handover or first use);

* A valid “Annexure B/K/E” inspection document signed off by a registered lift inspector (this inspection would have taken place prior to handover or first use, thereafter every 24 months, after modifications, at a change of service provider or after a reportable incident);

* Manuals, wiring diagrams and technical specifications for the unit;

Provided these two conditions are met, Vision Elevators will be able to proceed with a full assessment of the unit(s).


Once the assessment has been concluded, there are 3 possible outcomes going forward:

1. We decline the opportunity to repair the unit;

2. We recommend the replacement or modernisation of the unit;

3. We recommend the various repairs required to the unit;


Should the unit need to be repaired, Vision Elevators will provide you with a detailed quote setting out the works required, for approval. If the quote is accepted and the necessary repairs are effected, it will also be necessary to undergo a new compliance inspection (the “Annexure B” inspection) thereafter to ensure that the repairs are compliant.

Importantly, this further “Annexure B” inspection may identify additional items that may need to be addressed. A quotation for additional repair work and completion of any compliance items that the independent inspector records, will be submitted to the client for approval.

Once the unit has been fully repaired and a compliant “Annexure B” provided, the unit is handed back to the client for use. We strongly recommend that a maintenance contract is concluded at this stage, not only to comply with the current Occupational Health and Safety Regulations but also to ensure that units operate at optimum efficiency and safety.


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