Consulting Engineers

Consulting Engineers

We will gladly assist consulting engineers with all aspects of design, planning and specifying of mobility solutions.

Our comprehensive track record with successful commercial, residential and industrial solutions and wealth of on-the-ground experience allows us to add value to almost any project. If you need assistance with a traffic study, design drawings or specification we invite you to make contact with us.

Are you aware of all the regulations governing the elevator industry?

Are you aware of the change in the Driven Machinery Regulations?


Professional teaming

Over the years, we have worked on many successful projects with leading professionals, and understand the importance of concise communication and professional teamwork. Our solid track record allows us to provide meaningful input into the design and commissioning processes. Generally we prefer to get involved in a project as early as possible, to ensure you and your clients get clear and realistic project milestones.

Local regulatory environment understanding

Legislation and building regulations can become quite complex in respect of mobility solutions. With our thorough understanding of local legislation, we are able to provide you with all relevant information on building regulations and recommend the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for each project that satisfy all relevant safety criteria. (Covering the Occupational Health and Safety Act, SANS & EN.)

Service focused

With a national footprint and dedicated professional team, we’ll always go further to ensure that we provide superior, dependable services based on your specific needs. As a local manufacturer we hold a significant amount of maintenance parts at all times to ensure that we minimize any possible service disruptions.



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